What to Expect

What you need:

1. Fresh flowers. Have dad or a friend grab you some the day before I come. We will use them as accents in the background. White or color, do what is your style

2. White swaddle (if you have one)

3. Space heater out (if you have one)

4. Please have clutter put away or hidden under the bed or in cupboards before I get there. I love to see whats you, stuff, etc., but we need things like breast pumps, water cups by the side of the beds, papers , etc. put away.

With lifestyle I want to see your life but not at its messiest! ;)

Count on me moving furniture so we can get shots with the best light. I may also move clocks off next to the the bed, etc. Anything that would distract from the shot. I do shoot a lot in parents bedrooms, so just be mindful of that before I arrive.

What to wear:


Neutral colors. You may want a camisole for skin on skin but if you are not ready for one yet short sleeves are fine. Anything white, grey, beige etc. photographs beautiful against your baby's skin. Feel free to pull a few things out of your wardrobe to try. Chiffon is beautiful, maxi dresses work great as well as anything you feel good in. Try to avoid tight

clothing besides camisoles


Jeans and t shirts as well as button down collared shirts.  Make sure to be able to roll the sleeves and leave untucked.  V-neck sweaters look great over button ups as well in the winter time.


White onesie, white swaddle, white blanket