About Me

Hi.   I'm Paul.  

Freelance photographer, wedding photographer, boudoir photographer

I've been photographing the world for several years, illustrating that journey for my blog aphotogenicworld.  As I've done so I've been challenging myself to develop new skills, photograph old subjects in new ways, and new subjects in...  Well you get the picture, and more importantly so do I.

And now I'm offering you my services.

Preserving  your most cherished moments.  Capturing the faces that express our personalities or those of our loved ones.  Creating bespoke artworks of favourite locations (see my Landscape site).  I shoot boudoir too, and if you're interested, mail me and I'll send you a link to some of my images.

People, Places, Passion.

With Vision & Precision

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 Middlesbrough, UK

Tel: +44 7970 308163

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